Killjoys Recap: Hard Choices? Blame It On The Rain


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This week, Killjoys kicked off with a quick drug deal (Hi, Turin!) and some light, duct-tape assisted surgery (sorry, Zeph). And while Yala is contending with all of the above, all by herself, D’avin is hunting her down… along with the rest of the RAC’s best agents. It’s a kill warrant, and for that reason alone Johnny decides to help D’av find her first—and maybe save her life. The Lady’s memory-manufacturing rains have the RAC convinced that Yala is a terrorist called The Widow, and while Zeph has managed to engineer a protein that will restore everyone’s memory (one by one, and painfully), administering it is no cakewalk.

Working together in Zeph’s lab, she and Yala discover that Westerley’s own Doomsday Clock has about 27 days left on it before the rest of the breathable air is gone for good. This has something to do with The Lady’s secret terraforming project, and so the two women decide that their only option is to take out some of the key factories contributing to it. For that, they need information, and a downed receiver (thanks a lot, D’avin) forces Yala out of hiding, putting her in danger of being picked up by the RAC (namely D’av, who smashed the receiver to smoke her out).


Luckily, Lucy is working with Yala, throwing D’av off wherever she can. The smooch Yala plants on D’av also manages to throw him off, leaving her a window to escape—but not before she slips a set of factory blueprints into his pants (HOT). Johnny finds the same blueprints on the slate he stole from Zeph’s lab, so both men decide to check it out. Yala is there waiting for them with two doses of Zeph’s memory-reinstating antidote. It works, and suddenly, Johnny and D’av are brothers again and Yala is back to being Dutch. Yes!

Let loose in the factory, the three make chaos, torching The Lady’s imported alien babies and planting explosives along the way. Before they can escape, however, the factory goes on lock down and power all across Old Town cuts out. Our heroes are surrounded and Zeph, driven back out into the rain, has her memory wiped clean all over again. Girl cannot catch a break.

It’s obvious that Dutch has made The Lady very angry—and she’s not playing around anymore.


5 questions we have about the latest episode of Killjoys:

1.  Are the aliens in the factory in Old Town The Lady’s children? Why and how could she feel their deaths?

2. Is the endgame to take over Dutch’s body? Is that The Lady’s ultimate plan?

3. Where are Jaq and Kendry? Are they working on freeing Aneela?

4. Can we please go easy on Zeph next week? She’s had her memory wiped, been shot, and carved her address into her own arm all over the course of just two episodes. This woman deserves a vacation.

5. If it really comes down to Khlyen saving Dutch or Jaq, is Dutch the right choice? TBH, we think Jaq might be the one to beat The Lady.

Check out the full episode below: