Killjoys Recap: Season 5 Comes In Hot With Run, Yala, Run


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Everything’s upside down in Old Town these days. Dutch—sorry, Yala, is married to Johnny, Jack is their kid, Garrett’s having a closeted affair with Pree while engaged to a nice young woman, and no one even knows who D’avin is (other than the fact that he’s some RAC agent stirring up trouble for Jack). When D’av shows up at Pree’s—sorry, Yala’s—bar looking for Jack, Yala immediately drugs him to protect her son. While he’s out, she and Johnny ransack Lucy looking for clues to where Jack might be… and immediately get busted by D’av. Note for next time: more tranquilizers.

The three manage to come to an understanding with D’av agreeing to take Yala and Johnny with him when he locates their son—if they cooperate and agree to be retinal scanned to see if their memories hold any kind of clues. That’s when D’av picks up an image of Delle Seyah Kendry from Yala. Clue one!


Zeph is also doing some digging into what’s going down in Old Town. She has no memory of her past life as a Killjoy-adjacent, but she knows there’s something wrong—why does it rain every day, twice a day in an arid climate? When Yala accidentally misses her decontamination shower, her memory is restored and she and Zeph put their findings together, figuring out that the decon showers have created a kind of mass hypnosis that has the entire population of Old Town under its thrall.

A quick side trip to RED 9 lets us know where Jack is (with Kendry and her new haircut). But by the time Yala, D’av, and Johnny get there, Jack and Kendry are about to leave (without them but with Yala’s DNA and fingerprints—what’s the plan, guys?). The abandoned trio returns to Westerley to try to figure out WTF is going on. Yala figures she can jog their memories by showing them mementos from their past (that Lucy’s been hiding all this time) and telling them the truth about the decon showers. But as Zeph deduces (about 10 minutes too late), every system has a failsafe. Not only are the showers wiping everyone’s memory, but so is the rain. Pree, Johnny, and D’av are compelled to walk out into it. It washes away the memory of everything Yala has told them. It also turns D’av against Yala, forcing her to go on the run. Is The Lady winning… or has she won?


5 questions we have about the season debut of Killjoys:

1. Um, why did The Lady choose to inhabit the body of a petulant young child?

2. What are Jack and Kendry up to? Are they abandoning everyone on Westerley or plotting to save them?

3. What kind of terraforming are they doing in Old Town? Who is it for?

4. What was that tentacle-y thing in the factory crate? Do they belong to The Lady? What are they for?

5. If Khlyen is a prisoner of The Lady, then who left that red box for Yala?

Check out the full episode below.