This Week On Killjoys: “I Love Lucy” (The App)

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Forget warrants. Dutch is on her own mission this week, bringing Johnny and D’avin along with her to track down some of the green plasma that Khlyen’s been using to create an army of Level Sixes, among other things. The trio’s time with Mossy the Mossipede has led them to discover that D’avin has some sort of power over the goop although, as we saw during that accidental bug mind-meld, he hasn’t quite learned to control it.


Following a tip from Pree, the Killjoys set off to track down a notorious collector called San Romwell. Romwell is rumoured to have some plasma in his collection—but the trade he demands in return is something Dutch is reluctant to give up: her sitar.

As they negotiate the trade, Johnny and D’av are left to their own devices and wind up in a face-off with three of Romwell’s sexy androids (technically gynoids, Johnny helpfully points out). They’re about to lose (badly) when Lucy hacks into one of fembots and comes to their rescue. Lucy in semi-human/app form! Kissing Johnny! It was the biggest moment of the episode. (Until the insane ending. More on that later.)


Dutch agrees to give up her sitar and along with it, the story of how it an instrument reserved for royalty came into the hands of a Killjoy. Remember when Dutch told Delle Seyah Kendry that it came with the ship? We knew that was a lie. The story she gives Romwell is a very different one: the sitar was given to her by her teacher who taught her to play it in order to win the heart of a prince. The teacher was Khlyen… and as we found out last season, the prince is dead.


In return for her story, Dutch gets an account of how Romwell came to possess the plasma—it came from the visitors who destroyed his home planet and tortured him until he was close to death. He’s heard talk that those same invaders are heading for The Quad. The news sends Dutch to see Alvis who has some interesting theories on the real reason that Scarbacks cut themselves: to prove they aren’t infected with plasma.

With Dutch on Leith, D’av goes to see Sabine, his cute bartender friend in Old Town. Things get pretty intense after he gives her the peaches she’d requested—and by “pretty intense” we mean that green plasma starts to come out of her eyes and she dies, mid-sex. Uh, see you next week?