After An Unplanned Visit From Khlyen, Is Dutch Finally Getting Closer To Some Answers About Her Past?

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There were homecomings happening all across the galaxy this week as Pawter returned to Qresh to ask her mother for help for the people trapped inside Old Town and D’avin paid a surprise visit to his father on Telen, while Khlyen took his place on Lucy. Where did all these reunions get Dutch and her crew? A little bit closer to one truth, and further from another.

Pawter is returning to The Nine after a long exile. Despite her powerful family name, will she really be able to do anything to help Old Town?


At the beginning of the episode, even Pawter’s own sister mocked her for her past mistakes (accidentally killing a patient—the reason she was kicked off Qresh in the first place). Will the Nine pay any attention to her demands for the wall to be taken down around Old Town? The Company erected the wall, and the Nine runs the Company—what reason would they have to reverse their actions?

What does Khlyen want with the military scientists that messed with D’Avin’s head?


Looking at Lucy’s scan of his body, Khlyen realizes that D’Avin’s immunity isn’t genetic—it’s a result of whatever experiments the military did on him when he was enlisted. Now Khlyen and Fancy Lee are setting off to track down the scientists behind the project. But to what end? Why is it so critical that he discover the secret behind D’av’s immunity?

Who was the Dutch twin D’av saw in his visions of the battle on Arkyn?


Khlyen revealed one key thing to Dutch while he was hanging out in D’avin’s body: it wasn’t her that D’av saw on Arkyn. This backs up our theory that Dutch has a doppelgänger out there and partly explains why she’s been seeing double. The question is, where’s this double been hanging out all this time? In Khlyen’s harem of expert assassins or somewhere else? Is Dutch her daughter, her twin, or her clone?

For what seems like the first time, there’s something big that’s come between Johnny and Dutch. What will that mean for their friendship?


Dutch started out having reservations about Pawter. How is she going to feel when she finds out that Johnny and Pawter have a secret—one they can’t share with Dutch or D’av for fear of putting them in danger. Will Dutch understand the motivations behind Johnny’s secrecy? We’re guessing… no.