Melted Children: Can Things Get Any Darker In The Quad?

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Whitney Houston believed that children are the future. Delle Sayeh Kendry agrees: children trained to give their lives to protect the Qreshi elite (and their land rights) are the future—hers, at least. It looks like discontent continues to brew among the Nine, but what does Khlyen have to do with it?

Why is Delle’s school off the radar of everyone but her, Khlyen, and (now) Dutch?


What’s going on among the Nine and/or on Qresh in general that makes DSK feel like she needs to open her own secret school and train Westerley kids to… Wait, what exactly is she training them to do?

Are there parallels between Dutch’s childhood and the lives of these school kids?


Khlyen’s involvement would indicate that there are. The kids in Delle Seyah’s Secret School For Future Defenders of The Quad (read: Qresh) have, like Dutch, been taken from their parents after exhibiting some kind of unique talent. Dutch-like assassins they may not be, but budding military strategists? Junior crushers of rebellion on their own home planet of Westerley? Whatever the case, Dutch has got to feel a kinship with them. Because, again, Khlyen.

Who’s more in the dark re: Khlyen’s plans–Dutch or his supposed collaborator, Delle Seyah?


Once again, it looks as though Dutch has been backed into an uneasy working truce with an adversary. Neither she nor Delle know what Khlyen’s massive, kid-melting data transfer during Red 17’s last minutes means or what the information might contain but both of them are determined to find out.

Speaking of Khlyen, what’s he up to these days anyway?


Besides setting off on a super long road trip through space with his new Level 6 automaton Fancy Lee (and a bunch of dead guards), we don’t know a whole lot about his plans. Protecting Yalena? Getting rid of Yalena? Could go either way.