3 Killjoys And A Scarback Walk Into A Mine—But Only One Of Them Gets The “Shaft”

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How’s your fear of dark, enclosed spaces doing after this week’s episode of Killjoys? Dutch and her crew spend most of their time underground on this mission, chasing a ghost warrant to retrieve another team of Killjoys after their own warrant is interfered with by Khlyen. Their crack tracking skills quickly lead them to their target, left stranded in the Northern Badlands of Westerley after a rescue request went ignored. But what were they doing in those barren parts in the first place? Salvaging a crashed Company ship? Nope, they were after a very specific (very dead) monk.


But not everything down in the mines was RIP’ing. Out of the three Killjoys sent on the salvage mission, only one was still alive—for awhile anyway. But she too quickly met the same fate as her partners: moss-covered, man-eating, bugs adept at using hallucinations to coral and trap their prey soon had her in their feeding pit. Dutch almost meets the same fate when visions of her past with Khlyen surface deep in the mine and attempt to trap her.

Her decision to make Alvis a temporary part of her team is what saves her. The Scarback might be questioning his faith but it’s his faith in her that convinces her to keep fighting against whatever future plans Khlyen has for her.


In addition to saving Dutch from certain bug death, Alvis makes a crucial discovery in the mine. The monk the previous Killjoys had been sent to salvage guarded an important message. All Scarbacks know that 12 of their own went to fight the devil (whoever that may be in this universe) on Arkyn. The monk’s missive reveals that one made it back. What that might mean for the forces fighting to gain or retain control of The Quad is still a mystery.

Not a mystery: Dutch’s feelings for Alvis and vice versa. Looks like D’av’s been thrown over for a Scarback.


Perhaps he’ll take it as a small consolation that a second piece of the Level Six/Red 17/Arkyn puzzle was also unearthed in the mines—turns out those alien centipedes might run on the same green juice that Red 17 tried to pump D’avin full of, and just like the juice, D’av repels these little bastards too.


Throughout their expedition into the mines, Johnny is distracted by thoughts of getting Pawter out of Spring Hill (and away from Jelco). But Pawter has come up with an exit strategy of her own, removing the tiny ankle bracelet bomb from her leg and strapping it around Jelco’s deformed heart. Pro tip: don’t ask someone who hates you to operate on your most vital organ for the sake of gratifying your massive ego.

Too bad the escape only landed Pawter in someone else’s clutches. Can’t wait to find out who.