Did This Week’s Episode of Killjoys Reveal The Source Of Level Sixes?

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Visions of Khlyen danced in Dutch’s head this week but it turned out to be just a hallucination brought on by a nasty bug bite acquired deep in an abandoned mine on Westerley. Hallucinating: our Killjoys have been doing a lot of that lately. It’s making it difficult to figure out what’s real and what’s a mirage. Also: what’s true and what’s a lie (like, maybe Dutch’s whole life?). It’s also making it really, really hard to wait out the week between episodes in hopes of solving at least a part of this growing mystery surrounding Arkyn. Here’s what we’ve been left thinking about after this most recent episode of Killjoys.

What does the message Alvis found on the dead Scarback mean?


“12 went to fight the devil on Arkyn” has been an important part of Scarback scripture for ages—so much so that Alvis has the message carved into his back. Deep in the mines of the Northern Badlands, an old Scarback hangout apparently, the rest of the message finally made it back to another monk. Alvis discovers that “One came back.” But it seems as though that one is long dead. What does this mean for finding out what really happened on Arkyn?

Those man-eating, moss-wearing bugs bleed green goo. Is it the same green goo injected into Level Sixes?


A lot of people might be put off by D’avin but not as much as the creepy centipedes in the mine are. Much like the way his body rejected his Level Six goo therapy, his mere presence repels the creatures that appear to run on the same stuff. What came first—the bugs or Level Six Killjoys?

Dutch and Alvis and D’avin: a love story in triangular form?


What was with that almost-kiss that Lucy put a stop to with an important message about a massive data transmission that left Arkyn just seconds before Khlyen blew up Red 17? Is Dutch throwing over D’av for a Scarback? That has to sting.

Who the hell has Pawter now?


Seems like it’s not safe for highborn Qreshi princesses to travel around the deserts of Westerley unarmed and unaccompanied. Just after Dr. Pawter wires a bomb to Jelco’s defective, inbred heart, making possible her own escape from Spring Hill, she gets knocked unconscious by a mysterious figure in dark robes. Is it the end for Pawter? At least she’d be going out knowing that Johnny has a massive, burning crush on her. Lucy outing him was the highlight of the episode if you ask us.