Tame Or Destroy: The Company Uses A Heavy Hand On “Wild, Wild Westerley”

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Are we seeing double or are there twice the number of Dutches we once thought? D’avin’s strange visions of a monk-killing Dutch on Arkyn combined with her own unsettling experience in the mirror at the beginning of this episode have us wondering if Dutch has a split personality, or a twin. Was that girl on Arkyn her?


With the rescue of friends from Old Town on their minds, the trio heads back to the RAC with two goals: getting D’avin reinstated as a Killjoy and scoring a warrant on Westerley. The first part is easy. The second part just seems that way. Deeming it a suicide mission, Turin gladly hands over the planet’s only active warrant. The mission: do what Company men have failed to—find a group of escaped convicts and their leader and hand them over to Company fixer Liam Jelco.


Being the professionals that they are, it doesn’t take long for the Killjoys to find the escapees. Or the raisin-like corpses they’ve become, anyway. But they aren’t all accounted for. One, the ringleader, has made it out of Westhole prison, taking a cannister of mummifying gas with him. Enough to permanently dehydrate all of Old Town, at least.


Without them knowing it, The Company has been tracking Dutch and her team as they track the escaped prisoners. Which makes it simple for their drones to shoot the ringleader dead minutes after Dutch (with the help of Alvis) finds him.

Not appreciating the ambush, Dutch and Alvis take off with the gas, which he nearly uses to take out everyone in Springhill, a Company compound, until he finds out that Pawter and Hills Oonan are in there (or were—RIP, Hills).


Releasing the gas into Westerley’s sewer system renders it harmless and Dutch, D’av, and Johnny return an empty canister to Jelco, thinking they’ve won the war. That’s when they find out that Jelco is holding Pawter there, caring not at all about her Qreshi heritage. Thanks to Johnny’s quick thinking (and smooth moves), the Killjoys keep their link to Pawter, even if they have to leave her behind on Westerley.


You’d think that the Killjoys would get like five or ten minutes of downtime at this point but no, reboarding Lucy they find her hacked and being pulled back down to Westerley. Landing, they find Turin who tells them that Red 17 is no more, bombed off the face of Arkyn. Of course, he isn’t passing on this info as a friend, he wants something. Namely: his own team of Killjoys—to investigate the RAC.