This Week On Arkyn: What’s Next For The Moon Now That Red 17 Is Just A Part Of Its Mysterious Past?

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So much for storming the gates of Red 17 to find out what Khlyen was up to. According to Turin, the base and its Level Six factory are no more. Arkyn is back to being a lonely, uninhabited moon. A lonely, uninhabited moon with a history of monk massacre, that is. We’ve questions about the developments in this week’s episode of Killjoys—does Arkyn have answers?

Scarbacks on Arkyn: when, where, and why?


Alvis told Dutch that no Scarback has set foot on Arkyn for two centuries—so how is it possible that D’avin saw those images of her slaughtering members of the religious sect on the moon during his green goo-fuelled dreams/memories/visions? Khlyen says that what D’avin saw was no hallucination—was it the past or the future?

Why has Turin turned against his beloved RAC?


So Turin is alive, huh? And he managed to survive Khlyen’s stabbyness without even being a Level Six. We’re impressed. What’s intriguing is why the RAC’s most stringent rule-follower and ardent cheerleader is suddenly keen on using Dutch and co. to spy on his own organization. Can he be trusted? We think: no.

What’s the point in keeping Pawter a prisoner on Westerley?


Who runs the Quad? Qreshis. And Pawter is one (even if she’s been disgraced and banished to Westerley). So why is some Company hack allowed to keep her locked up in his lair in Old Town even after she demanded transport to Qresh and a call in to her powerful mother? What does Jelco even want with her? Also, with that sly comms move we have to ask: is Johnny always prepared for anything?

So Pree was a… warlord?


One of the funniest revelations of this new season have been the hints about Pree’s pre-pub-owner past. In the premiere we find out he’s got a criminal record. In this second episode the wall around Old Town outs him as a former warlord. (Also: that hair!) Even Pree himself can’t help dropping hints about all the bad stuff he’s done: when an ineffectual thug tries to take over the bar, Pree stabs him through the hand and tells him that he did way worse than that to get himself a bar in the first place. We love season two Pree.