Killjoy V Killjoy: Aaron Ashmore Interviews Luke Macfarlane

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At the end of the first season of Killjoys, it looked like the band might be breaking up as their newest member, D’avin, was banished to Arkyn before he could even send his bounty hunting pals so much as a text message. The plot twist alarmed actor Luke Macfarlane, who wondered if his character might be about to get killed off the show. Luckily, rescue awaited him, but not before D’av was subjected to green goo-filled spa days—an immersion therapy made all the more relaxing with a crew of camera guys watching. If you want to hear more of Macfarlane’s take on the second season of Killjoys (including how to play the newly invented Killjoys drinking game) check out this Killjoy v Killjoy clip in which he’s interviewed by co-star Aaron Ashmore.