Killing Eve Producer Explains What’s Next For Eve And Villanelle


The first season of Killing Eve concluded with an unforeseeable shock: Eve stabbed Villanelle, further complicating an already contradictory relationship. In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, producer Elinor Day explained where we can expect the series to go in Season 2. “We’re really exploring different facets of the relationship between Eve and Villanelle,” she said. “There’s quite a different dynamic this time, obviously, because of everything that happened with the stabbing… which we do pick up from immediately in terms of time.”

Given Villanelle’s always-unpredictable behaviour, it seems unlikely she’ll be altogether disapproving of her recent wound—and Day confirmed this suspicion. “One of the things we learned in our research is that with psychopaths and narcissists, anything that happens to them, they tend to see it as evidence that the person who did it to them is obsessed with them,” she explained. “So in some ways, Villanelle sees the stabbing as a really good thing, an affirmation of Eve’s obsession or indeed love for her.”

As for Eve, Day explained that she will continue making faulty assumptions about her secret obsession. “We took advice from a criminal psychologist who was fascinating,” she revealed. “He said the mistake everyone makes is, you meet a psychopath and you think they’re a person so you add traits on to them—selfish or violent or whatever. But that’s completely the wrong way to look at it. He says you have to take it all away because they’re not quite fully human. They’re missing empathy, they’re missing all these things which we take for granted, and the danger is you think, ‘I can heal them. I can cure them.’”

Killing Eve returns to Bravo for its second season on April 7.