Killing Eve Recap: Season 1 Ends With The Confrontation You’ve Been Waiting For


At the end of last week’s episode of Killing Eve, the title character spotted her superior, Carolyn, in a secret meeting with Villanelle. Early in the season finale, Eve stops by Carolyn’s hotel room only to make another shocking discovery: Konstantin is in the room, looking a little too comfortable. Before long, Eve is informed that Villanelle (a) broke out of prison, (b) was hired to kill Konstantin, and (c) kidnapped his daughter Irina (Yuli Lagodinsky).

When we first see Villanelle and Irina, it’s clear they’ve developed a playful (if unhealthy) dynamic. During their time together, Villanelle offers a mix of bad advice and physical threats. On several occasions, she casually points a gun at this child’s head, eventually using this technique to get her to enter the apartment where Anna (Susan Lynch) lives. Villanelle follows and we soon confirm that she and Anna were more than just friends. When Villanelle points a gun at her ex, Anna is quick to take decisive action, shooting herself in the head.


As these events play out, Eve is on her way to Anna’s place with Konstantin. During this eventful car ride, Konstantin admits that he recruited Villanelle from prison. As they bicker, Eve gets a call from Anna’s phone, but Villanelle is on the other end. After confirming that she’s with young Irina, Villanelle makes arrangements to meet up with Eve and Konstantin. Shortly after spotting one another—in an extremely public place—things spiral out of control. Villanelle plays some psychosexual mind games, explains that she has a job to do, and shoots Konstantin.

In the aftermath of this death, Carolyn decides that she, Kenny, and Eve need to get back to London immediately. Eve goes along with these wishes, but abruptly turns back on the brink of boarding her flight. From there, she heads to Paris and the apartment that’s acting as Villanelle’s home base. After a series of detours, Eve enters Villanelle’s unoccupied apartment, eventually losing her cool and trashing the place.


Moments later, we get the reunion we’ve been waiting for. As Villanelle walks in the door, Eve dashes across the apartment and manages to get her hands on a gun. She proceeds to sneak up behind Villanelle, complaining that she’s lost two jobs, a husband, and her best friend because of this woman’s erratic actions. She also claims she’s going to kill Villanelle—and then we experience the most dramatic 180 in Killing Eve’s short history.

In a matter of minutes, this duo transitions from the brink of murder to confessions of sexual fantasies about one another. Next thing you know, they’re lying side-by-side in Villanelle’s bed on the brink of consummating their unconventional relationship. Eve says, “I’ve never done anything like this before,” but she doesn’t mean what you think she means—as we learn when she stabs her adversary in the stomach. In the chaos that follows, a wounded Villanelle escapes and we’re left wondering what the future (aka Season 2) could possibly hold for Killing Eve.