Killing Eve Recap: Villanelle And Eve Learn To Not Trust Anyone


As last week’s episode of Killing Eve came to a close, Villanelle found herself in a serious jam. After entering the prison population to take out Nadia, she discovered that the plan to set her free was abandoned. Of course, Villanelle has a low tolerance for discomfort and her crises never last long. In the process of being transported across Moscow—with the help of police escorts—she is liberated by a biker, who dispatches just about everyone involved in the convoy.

Villanelle soon finds herself in a mysterious room with a guy named Anton (Andrew Byron), who claims he’s taking over for Konstantin and will be assigning her future hits. Visibly irritated with this turn of events, she nonetheless allows him to hand over a gun, which she uses to terminate their collaboration—and his life.


Meanwhile, Eve continues her lively Moscow visit, waking up to some very positive news: Vlad has agreed to give them Nadia. Moments later, Carolyn gets a phone call revealing the bad news: their star witness is actually dead. Over breakfast, Konstantin tries to play down the significance of Nadia’s murder, but Eve is determined to visit the prison and find out what happened as she believes this might reveal crucial details about Villanelle, an obsession Carolyn actively discourages.

In spite of Carolyn’s dismissive attitude, Eve decides to continue pursuing leads related to Villanelle. This eventually takes her to the home of Anna (Susan Lynch), an ESL teacher who got to know the prolific assassin in her previous life as Oksana. Although Villanelle ultimately killed and castrated Anna’s husband, she remains curious about this former friend, who she mistakenly believed was dead. During this conversation, Anna helps Eve make a crucial connection when she looks at a photo and identifies the man who told her about Villanelle’s “death.” As it turns out, that man is Konstantin.


When we next see Konstantin, he’s arriving home to the sound of his daughter calling for her father. When he enters her bedroom and peeks inside a tent, he sees that this voice is actually a recording that’s being played by an angry (and armed) Villanelle. Sensing that the end is near, Konstantin asks if he can take pills to make this a less painful procedure, and his longtime colleague allows this. However, this is all a ruse, and he soon makes an impressive escape via speedboat.

After leaving Anna’s home, Eve tries (and fails) to get in touch with her increasingly distant, elusive husband. She proceeds to meet up with Kenny (Sean Delaney) to discuss the case and life in general while watching surveillance footage from the prison. Before long, she makes an important discovery in this footage, spotting Villanelle on her way to an interview. However, the real shock is the person asking the questions: Carolyn.