Killing Eve Recap: Eve’s Bloodthirsty Nemesis Sets Her Sights On Frank


At the conclusion of last week’s episode of Killing Eve, Bill tried following Villanelle—and wound up dead on a dance floor. As Episode 4 begins, Eve is mourning at Bill’s funeral. While she seems unaffected by the dreary eulogy delivered by Frank, she’s overcome by emotion when she catches a glimpse of Bill’s crying baby. After fleeing from the service, she reveals her heartfelt, if unrealistic, aspirations for Villanelle: “I want to kill her with my bare hands.”

When we first encounter that ruthless killer this week, she’s attempting a birthday surprise for her handler Konstantin, although it’s not really his birthday. As always, he’s exasperated with Villanelle, who has once again disregarded his orders. As punishment, he forces her to work with two other assassins: Diego (Edward Akrout) and Nadia (Olivia Ross). When they get together, it becomes apparent that Villanelle has a complicated history with the latter, as they immediately find themselves wrestling violently in the backseat of a car.


Unaware of Eve’s secret mission, her husband Niko (Owen McDonnell) grows increasingly concerned about her erratic behaviour. This only gets worse when the suitcase Villanelle stole in Berlin turns up at Eve’s door with a note that reads “Sorry baby.” As she tells Niko to get out, he has more reason than ever to wonder what’s really happening.

Back on the job, Eve orders a forensic analysis of her suitcase as well as an inspection of surveillance footage related to Bill’s murder. As for her broader investigation, alarm bells are going off around Frank, as (a) he owes a significant debt to St. Henry’s private school and (b) it seems he may be transferring money there in a suspicious manner. If that’s not bad enough, it turns out Villanelle, Diego, and Nadia are also trying to kill him.


After a pleasant visit with Frank’s mother, the assassins think their target has successfully eluded them only to discover his car fleeing from the area. As they follow, Frank calls Eve, who is nearby, engaged in a (significantly less life-threatening) anti-Frank mission of her own. As the pursuit continues, Frank finds himself under fire—literally.

After the chase comes to an abrupt end, the trio of assassins unload their weapons into Frank’s vehicle, but soon discover that he’s no longer inside. As he looks on from the bushes, these dysfunctional hit people have a communication meltdown that leaves all but Villanelle dead. She prepares to drive away, giving Frank reason to think he’s in the clear, but Villanelle’s car won’t start, giving her an opportunity to chase Frank on foot. As the episode comes to a close, Frank finds his way to Eve, Villanelle opens fire on their vehicle, and we cut to black—leaving the fate of our characters uncertain for another week.


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