Killing Eve Recap: Eve And Villanelle Begin A High Stakes Game Of Cat-And-Mouse


In the second episode of Killing Eve, we once again split our time between skilled assassin Villanelle and the team of investigators on her trail. At the conclusion of last week’s episode, MI6’s Carolyn Martens approached the recently fired Eve about a potential collaboration. Their next meeting takes place early on in episode two, giving Carolyn an opportunity to reveal the evidence of covert investigation found on Eve’s work computer during a routine post-firing sweep.

Rather than scold Eve for this professional overreach, Carolyn applauds her efforts and brings her back to a secret office, where she reveals a similar investigation of her own. Upon inspecting a board full of crime scene photos, Eve admits “it’s like I’ve walked into the inside of my brain.”


After this promising start, Eve has the opportunity to recruit two of her former MI5 colleagues, Bill and Elena, to join her investigation into a mysterious string of professional hits that may be connected. As Bill struggles to embrace this hypothesis and Eve’s leadership, she takes another one of her illuminating bathroom breaks.

While looking into the mirror, Eve recalls the suspicious nurse she spotted right before the first episode’s sudden wave of hospital killings. In response to this realisation, she sets out to learn more about the nurses at the hospital while also pursuing other leads, including the mysterious CCTV footage that her former boss Frank mentioned in last week’s episode. In an awkward, occasionally combative meeting at a London pub, Eve manages to get Frank to admit that there is no CCTV footage, effectively eliminating the one major argument against her theory about the killings.


While all of the above plays out, we get a series of illuminating glimpses of Villanelle’s always-eventful hijinks. During her latest ruthless murder—of a family man in an office building—she admits she doesn’t know why she’s killing him and briefly ponders the weight of this violent act. However, any trace of humanity quickly disappears when Konstantin and another one of Villanelle’s employers ask a string of questions about her recent clumsiness. Determining that something isn’t quite right, they put her on hiatus, ordering her to break from tradition and “do something normal” for a change.

After some unsatisfying time on a treadmill, Villanelle impulsively asks her Paris neighbour Sebastian (Charlie Hamblett) out on a date, which quickly transitions from ice cream cones to robotic, impersonal sex. While Sebastian doesn’t seem to have any complaints, Villanelle is clearly bored, prompting her to strap on a gas mask, mix some lethal chemicals, and proceed to commit yet another murder—this one via a lethal fake perfume.


Given his previous instructions, Konstantin is not amused to learn that Villanelle has cut her vacation short. He bursts into her apartment, grabs her by the throat, and explains that he’s cutting her allowance in half. If that’s not bad enough, he also reveals that Villanelle is being investigated by a woman in the UK, namely Eve Polastri. After snooping around on Google, Villanelle finds a photo of Eve and reaches a conclusion much like Eve’s: the woman she encountered in the hospital bathroom is her nemesis.

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