Killing Eve Recap: Our Hero’s Perverse Obsession Results In Murder And A Promotion

From the time we meet a screaming Eve Polastri (recent Emmy nominee Sandra Oh) in the series premiere of Killing Eve, it’s clear there’s something unusual about this MI5 officer. After an evening of alcohol-fuelled karaoke, she arrives late for an unplanned Saturday morning meeting where she learns that an unpopular Russian politician has been assassinated outside a Vienna sushi restaurant.

Preoccupied with a much-needed croissant and oddly jovial about the details of the killing (which she describes as “cool”), Eve nonetheless recognises the significance of this case because Carolyn Martens (Fiona Shaw), the revered head of MI6’s Russia desk, is present.


In spite of Eve’s hangover, she manages to make a good impression, boldly concluding that the killer is a woman despite having limited evidence. As Carolyn quietly notes her powers of deduction, Eve’s MI5 associate Bill Pargrave (David Haig) advises her to secure the only witness: the victim’s traumatised Polish girlfriend. Of course, Eve has far more elaborate plans in mind. For starters, she asks her husband Niko (Owen McDonnell) to enlist the services of his youthful bridge buddy Dom (Billy Matthews) to translate the inebriated ramblings (described as “heroin Polish” by Eve) of this star witness.

This yields one crucial detail: the killer is a “small-breasted psycho.” Which brings us to Villanelle (Jodie Comer), the globetrotting criminal mastermind that Eve and her colleagues are pursuing. After receiving her latest assignment from Konstantin (Kim Bodnia), Villanelle enjoys a scenic visit to Tuscany where she daringly dispatches her latest victim at a crowded family gathering—with the unwitting assistance of his grandson.


When we return to Eve, the signs of her perverse, obsessive side are becoming increasingly apparent. Moments after cutting herself with a knife—just to see the blood flow—she offers her husband an incredibly detailed description of how she would murder him if it ever became necessary. Clearly used to this kind of thing, Niko is unfazed, but he begins to worry when Eve asks if she can bring Dom to meet her troubled witness in person.

The risk of this mission becomes apparent—to the audience, if not Eve—when she unknowingly comes face-to-face with the woman she’s pursuing. After a short bathroom break, she stumbles upon the scene of Villanelle’s latest bloody crime. While Dom survives, this incident results in several casualties, including the Polish witness—and Eve’s job.


Fortunately, before the episode’s conclusion, Eve reaps the reward of the positive impression she made on Carolyn, who seems to be recruiting her to take a more active role in the case. If all goes according to plan, Episode 2 should find her covertly tracking the killer as an unofficial employee of MI6.

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