Kill The Boy: How This Week’s Game of Thrones Differs from the Books

Jorah Mormont is a stone cold captor, while the Queen he wishes to serve still finds refuge in playing with fire. Reek is still Reek and Stannis still answers to the Red Woman.

Here’s a breakdown of how things went down in “Kill the Boy” versus how things played out in the books.



How it went down on the show: Sansa discovered Theon in Winterfell and quickly realized his position was to serve and sleep with the dogs. Ramsay, Sansa’s betrothed, instructed Theon to apologize to Sansa for murdering her brothers. Ramsay then announced that Theon would be the one to give Sansa away on their wedding day.

How it went down in the books: It was Jeyne Poole posing as Arya Stark that was betrothed to Ramsay, not Sansa Stark. However, Ramsay did arrange for Theon to give the bride away on their wedding day since he was the closest thing a Stark had to living family.

The Stone Men


How it went down on the show: On their way to see Queen Daenerys, Tyrion and Jorah were attacked by a group of Stone Men (men infected with Greyscale) while passing through by boat in Valyria. Jorah managed to fight the Stone Men off but not before becoming infected with Greyscale himself.

How it went down in the books: Tyrion’s journey hadn’t caught up with Jorah’s by the time he encountered the Stone Men. It was his travel companion, Jon Connington, who was infected with Greyscale. Shortly after the Stone Men attacked, Tyrion and his travel companions docked in Selhory’s, a town just west of Volantis. It was then that Jorah found and captured Tyrion at a local brothel.

The Proposal


How it went down on the show: Since the Sons of the Harpy wear masks, Daenerys and her army of Unsullied have no way of identifying the men responsible for Ser Barristan Selmy’s death. To demonstrate her determination to find and stop the Harpy Army, Daenerys had the leaders of Meereen’s Great Families rounded up and brought below the pyramids to where she keeps her dragons. She proceeded to feed one of masters to Viserion and Rhaegal while his fellow leaders watched. After requesting council from Missandei, Dany realized she would need to form an alliance with the people of Meereen in exchange for peace. This meant agreeing to reopen the fighting pits and finding a leader of Meereen to wed. Rather than ask Hizdahr zo Loraq to be her husband, Dany demanded it.

How it went down in the books: Ser Barristan is still alive, which proves his storyline in the books is likely irrelevant at this point. However, the Sons of the Harpy did lead multiple attacks on the Unsullied, which forced Dany to conclude that reopening the fighting pits would be her best course of action if she wanted peace with the leaders of Meereen. She also agreed to marry Hizdahr zo Loraq, but only after he begged her several times.

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