Kids Remake Jaws, Star Trek, And Alien


70s Kids

Now that we all have a video camera in our pocket, the novelty of amateur moviemaking isn’t what it used to be. Amazed by their ability to (crudely) remake Hollywood blockbusters, kids raised in the ’70s and ’80s spent many a Saturday afternoon imitating their heroes.

The most famous example is a trio of Mississippi kids who spent much the ’80s crafting a shot-for-shot remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark. When director Eli Roth screened a tape of this project publicly, a minor phenomenon was born, resulting in a book, a documentary (Raiders!), and the praise of Steven Spielberg himself. Several years earlier, Cape Cod teenager Rob Hampton embarked on a similar undertaking, covering far broader territory.

As The AV Club reports, a young Hampton created mini-remakes of several ’70s staples (Alien, Jaws, Star Trek, The Warriors) and even a few older classics (King Kong, Sinbad). In their time, these Super 8 oddities were all silent, but Hampton—who now works as an editor and director in Los Angeles—has added music, sound effects, and even the voices of some original cast members.

Six of these shorts are currently available on Hampton’s YouTube channel, capecodshorts. If you’re looking for an amusing blast from the past, watch all six below.