Key & Peele Unlock The Mysterious Origin Of Gremlins 2

key and peele

When Joe Dante cooked up Gremlins 2: The New Batch, he used many of the same ingredients that made Gremlins an instant horror-comedy classic—his lead actors, gremlins galore, and tonnes of mischief—only this time he cranked up the heat to create one of the most satisfyingly zany sequels of all time.

Taking place in a futuristic skyscraper, the movie finds our hero Billy trying to thwart another Gremlins infestation with the help of Gizmo, his girlfriend, and his Donald Trump-like boss.  Thanks to a mishap at a laboratory, the new batch of gremlins mutate and take on all sorts of shapes, sizes, and personalities to make the first batch seem pedestrian in comparison. Throw in Hulk Hogan and some delightfully odd meta-references to the first movie and you’ve got a sequel that feels like it was written by… well, this guy:

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