Kevin Feige Looks Into His Crystal Ball To Preview Marvel Phase 4

Now that nearly six months have passed since Marvel Phase Three launched with Captain America: Civil War, it appears to be time to start thinking about Phase Four. That transition’s still nine movies away—leaving a great deal of room for new developments that will determine Marvel’s future—but studio president Kevin Feige is happy to speculate. Speaking to Collider, he said the company is leaving plenty of room for variety—and bold new ideas.

“I think anything is possible,” he said. “We like a new adventure in the ongoing stories of existing characters and then something completely new and completely different. I think next year you will see it with Guardians. Then frankly, I almost count Homecoming and Ragnarok as two almost entirely different and brand new things—even though there’s been other Spider-Man films and two other Thor films. They’re very, very, different.”

However, he also makes it clear that few firm decisions have been made regarding Phase Four and even those are flexible. “We always leave ourselves the opportunity to bob and weave and adapt if we have to,” Feige continued. “But we know where we’re headed for 2020, and we have ideas and we’re beginning to solidify the years beyond that.”


As CinemaBlend sees it, we can probably expect Phase Four sequels for many of the key characters introduced in Phase Three, including Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange. The latter’s Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t confirming sequels just yet, but he sees an important role for his character in future MCU movies. “His job title is defender of the fabric of reality,” he told Yahoo Movies UK, before bringing up the recent friction between Captain America and Iron Man. “I mean, he fights other dimensional threats that are beyond the perceptions of that very potent squabble, and I’d like to think he’s going to help them both, rather than take sides.”

You can look forward to roughly three more Marvel films per year for the foreseeable future. Next up is Doctor Strange, which arrives in theatres November 4. Watch the doctor work his magic in this new “Upside Down” TV spot.