Marvel Promises Magic Like ‘We’ve Never Seen Before’ In Doctor Strange

With the release of Doctor Strange just over a month away, anticipation for Marvel’s latest blockbuster is at its peak. While fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are always happy to watch the latest iteration of the Avengers saga, there’s something more exciting about movies that introduce new characters, worlds, and rules. Just as Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man took the MCU to surprising new places, Doctor Strange is expected to explore the unexpected.

Still not convinced? You will be after watching this exclusive IMAX 3D footage below:

For one, Doctor Strange puts greater emphasis on magic than any previous MCU movie. Speaking to /Film, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige revealed that this was one of the film’s primary challenges. “It’s very hard because you don’t want to rule yourself out into it being mundane, or rule yourself into not being fantastical or magical,” he said. “And certainly, we’re not doing that. And you’ve heard me talk about the quantum realm in Ant-Man… as we were doing that, and studying it and talking to the science advisors—who are always more than willing to spend an afternoon with us and talk about these amazing things—the quantum realm is another dimension. It tapped into what we had been working on with this movie as well, so that really became the notion that we’re scratching the surface of the quantum realm and then we just do a deep dive in this.”


The visual potential of the quantum realm is both exciting and daunting, but Feige and his collaborators found solutions by focusing on the key questions. “A lot of it is—is it cool? Is it entertaining? Does it give us visuals we’ve never seen before? That’s been particularly hard on this film to find outside of the comic books, and the Ditko art work, comparables for the visuals we want to bring to this. Our visual effects supervisor has amazing reference and all of it is sort of close to what we want, but none of it exactly what we want, which is an exciting place to be in because the visuals you will ultimately see in November we might not have seen yet because they’re still being designed and being developed.”

For another eyeful of magic, check out the Doctor Strange trailer below. To see the title character’s complete bag of tricks, watch for the finished film when it arrives in theatres November 4.