Marvel’s Kevin Feige Has Some Helpful Advice For DC


As the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige is regularly put in the awkward position of evaluating or advising rival DC Films as they struggle to deliver on the potential of their many iconic superheroes. In a recent conversation with Screen Rant, Feige generously offered some advice—that he seems to be taking himself.

“I always hesitate to come off as the person who is bestowing advice on people—it’s not really what I do,” he said, before acknowledging the enormous potential DC has at their disposal. “They’re great characters, they’re good comics, they’ve got great history. I’m not shy about saying Richard Donner’s Superman—I still think is the paradigm by which we all still should follow. It’s all there.”

Feige may be reluctant to give advice because he’s reluctant to take it, but there is one criticism he’s willing to act on: the lack of LGBTQ presence in the MCU. In fact, Feige says Marvel is already in the process of diversifying. Asked if audiences have met the MCU’s LGBTQ characters, Feige says there are “both ones you’ve seen and ones you haven’t seen.” As The Playlist points out, one you’ve already seen is Valkyrie—Tessa Thompson recently confirmed that her character is bisexual—but Feige has not yet verified her return nor any other impending plans.

Whatever the future holds for Marvel, don’t be surprised if it owes some debt to 1978’s Superman. Check out the trailer for Donner’s star vehicle below.