Kerry Washington Might Be Playing Domino In Deadpool 2

Looks like Olivia Pope may be bringing her crisis managing skills to the Deadpool world—sort of.

Scandal’s Kerry Washington is reportedly testing for the role of Domino in the upcoming Deadpool 2 and, according to The Hashtag Show, she’s the “current frontrunner.”

It was also reported that Sienna Miller (Foxcatcher, Burnt) and Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Black Mirror) both tested for the role of Domino, but have already passed.

Domino is one of the only new characters Deadpool 2 will be bringing to the big screen. The sequel will also introduce badass cyborg Cable, who’s rumoured to be played by Pierce Brosnan.

For those who don’t know much about the character, Domino is a mutant with the ability to subconsciously manipulate probability in her favor by making the improbable—but not impossible—occur around her, resulting in her having “good luck” and her opponents having “bad luck.” She’s the result of a top-secret government breeding program intended to develop the perfect weapon, but her “luck” power was considered a failure in regards to the program’s goals. Domino is also known for her exceptional shooting and hand-to-hand combat skills, acting as a mercenary, but she has also been partner, confidant, and lover to Cable.

Washington has yet to officially respond to the Domino casting reports, but her impressive acting chops would definitely be welcomed in Deadpool’s corner of the Marvel universe.

Deadpool 2 is expected to hit theatres March 2, 2018, and you can be sure that we’ll keep you posted on its casting news until then.