April Starts Learning Klingon On The Latest Resistance Is Futile

Returning 2020

Knowing that April now has four episodes of Star Trek: Discovery under her belt, we were getting worried that perhaps her curiosity surrounding Trek would begin to wane. But when she showed up to this week’s taping armed with a crisp new copy of the Klingon dictionary, we knew that her discovery had only just begun…

On this week’s Resistance Is Futile,  Mark and April discuss “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not For The Lamb’s Cry”, including their love for Saru, the nature of the spores,  the episode’s most shocking moment, and much more. Along the way they also talk about Klingon flirting, the Klingon language, the role of a ship’s doctor, and Mark’s experience at New York Comic Con. You’ll definitely want to stick around until the end to judge our cunning hosts on their Klingon pronunciations as well as April’s vastly improved Vulcan salute.

Check out the video below and tune in next week for our fourth episode that you will not be able to resist because to do so would be futile.