Watch Keanu Reeves Science The Heck Out Of His Dead Family In Replicas

The great thing about working as an actor in the movie business is that you can be anything you dream of. Enter: Keanu Reeves as a neuroscientist in his upcoming sci-fi thriller, Replicas.

Reeves shared the first trailer for the 2018 release at New York Comic Con earlier this week. Directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff (known for his work on series like Homeland and Hostages), the story centres on William Foster (Reeves) who, according to the synopsis, “is on the verge of successfully transferring human consciousness into a computer when his family is tragically killed in a car crash. Desperate to resurrect them, William recruits fellow scientist Ed Whittle (Thomas Middleditch) to help him secretly clone their bodies and create replicas. But he soon faces a ‘Sophie’s choice’ when it turns out that they can only bring three of the four family members back to life.”

Looks like Reeves’ character has been too busy with all his important science stuff to have made time to watch Pet Cemetery, which taught us all the crucial lesson that dead means dead for a very good reason, no matter how much you loved Fluffy, Fido, or your pretty blonde wife (Alice Eve, in this case).

Still, the premise of the movie has a lot of potential (thanks to Blade Runner 2049, Westworld, and Humans, androids, replicants, and clones are so hot right now). And we’re psyched to see Silicon Valley’s Middleditch in anything—even if he doesn’t crack a single joke in the trailer. Check it out below.