Keanu’s Back In A Reasonable Speed

Your favourite car-based action movies may be a whole lot of fun to watch, but by making reckless driving look cool and totally easy to do, they’re actually doing more harm than good. To improve road safety and make defensive driving hip to today’s teens, the California Highway Patrol has produced a refreshing new spin on the genre starring Hollywood hunks Keanu Reeves and Jimmy Kimmel.

A Reasonable Speed has everything you motor-brains love in a high-octane thrill ride: exotic cars, cool haircuts, exciting music and stolen briefcases. The only difference is that all the action moves along at the speed limit, with characters obeying traffic laws and ensuring they’re not endangering themselves or others by being stupid on the road.

Reeves and Kimmel unveiled the trailer on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, so if you’ve got the need for speed, buckle up, check your mirrors and hit the gas on the video below!