Kanye West’s Surprise Video Game Is Actually Kind Of Sweet

This week, Kanye West fans everywhere were treated to his highly anticipated seventh solo album, Life of Pablo. After changing the album’s name several times before the deadline, most of us were pretty sure it would be delayed, but Kanye followed through and live streamed the whole thing alongside Yeezy Season 3 for free over Tidal last night. There were plenty of reveals throughout the show, but the biggest surprise came close to the very end: Kanye West’s video game trailer.


The idea of Only One is, “my mom travelling through the gates of heaven,” he said before playing the trailer for the packed stadium and everyone tuning in via live stream.

Kanye can be pretty very hard to handle at times. Speaking as a fan, even I have my days where I can’t handle his ego. But watching Donda West ascend to heaven, grow wings, and ride a Pegasus through a virtual heaven scored by an incredibly beautiful rendition of Kanye’s “Only One,” it’s impossible not to be reminded of our love for our own parents.

Of course, in classic Kanye fashion (see what I did there?), he proceeded to ruin the moment somewhat by playing the trailer a second time around because of what he considered an underwhelming reaction from the crowd. But hey,  it wouldn’t be Kanye without the attitude.

No word on a release date or platform for Only One yet, but hopefully when it does drop it’s accompanied by a soundtrack as beautiful as the trailer’s. To see the full video, Kanye’s brazen comments included, head to Tidal and scrub to around the one hour mark.