Jurassic World Viral Site Reveals New Secrets About The Dinosaur Park


Photo Credit: Universal

Jurassic Park reopens for business a few months from now, but you can already see right now how the dinosaur attraction has changed over the years.

A new viral website for Jurassic WorldMasraniGlobal.com, has launched, teasing up some of the background details fueling director Colin Trevorrow’s upcoming sequel. Among the details revealed: Simon Masrani, played by “The Amazing Spider-Man” actor Irrfan Khan, is the inheritor and leader of a company called Masrani Global, primarily an oil company, but also the business that owns Jurassic Park.

Masrani’s various oil enterprises are highlighted on the site, but the efforts at Jurassic World — a new resort park built on Isla Nublar, the original site of Jurassic Park — are front and center, including the idea to use InGen technology to create “the greatest theme park and attractions ever constructed in humankind’s history.”

And that’s not all — there’s photos aplenty, too. Take a look:

1. Here’s Masrani himself, looking all powerful and CEO-y:

2. Look familiar? That’s the hardened amber, housing ancient mosquitos loaded with “Dino DNA”:

3. From that amber, comes dinosaur eggs, like the ones you see here:

4. And those eggs spring from the minds of scientists like Dr. Henry Wu, played by B.D. Wong, reprising his role from the first “Jurassic Park”:

5. All the efforts result in dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes, like the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex:


Just imagine that thing with considerably more flesh, blood, and fast-moving terror. You know, something like this:

Past Jurassic Park experience suggests that this isn’t the world’s friendliest or safest work environment, but if you’re after adventure, opportunity awaits: MasraniGlobal.com is accepting applications for internships — which, in all likelihood, will get fans closer and closer to unlocking the secrets of “Jurassic World.” Sign up if you dare.

Jurassic World arrives on June 12, 2015.