Watch Jurassic World’s Special Effects Come To Life

Among this year’s competitive Oscars, Best Achievement in Visual Effects is the category that most looks like a done deal. Given The Force Awakens’ box office dominance and non-stop onslaught of special effects, it would seem to be a sure thing in this category. However, Industrial Light & Magic isn’t leaving anything to chance. In order to give itself an extra boost with Oscar voters, the company has released a new video made up of impressive before-and-after footage from Jurassic World. While Jurassic World failed to land any Oscar nominations, it does offer further proof of ILM’s virtuosity in 2015.

While no one’s mistaking the film’s dinosaurs for the real deal, many of the effects in Jurassic World are so convincing that they barely register as effects. (As it turns out, some of those landscapes border on animation.) Here are three other CG surprises.

Dinosaurs are played by humans


The sphere part of a Gyrosphere is digital


CG dinosaurs are designed from the inside out


For further proof of ILM’s impressive (and sometime invisible) hard work, watch Behind the Magic: The Visual Effects of Jurassic World below.