Jurassic World Is More Like Jurassic Park Than You Thought

When director Colin Trevorrow was plucked from semi-obscurity to direct Jurassic World, many fans wondered if he had the chops to deliver a Spielberg-worthy dino movie. While he may not have achieved that elusive goal, Jurassic World has proved to be the year’s most successful film (until The Force Awakens arrives anyway), so he clearly did something right. But what is the inexperienced filmmaker’s secret? Judging from a new video by Los Angeles-based filmmaker Pablo Fernandez Eyre (aka WhoIsPablo), the answer’s incredibly simple: imitate Spielberg.


Jurassic World vs. Jurassic Park Trilogy places clips from the new film above clips from earlier entries in the franchise. In fairness to Trevorrow, some of the parallels are pretty tenuous, highlighting standard moments of franchise continuity. In fact, in some cases, you have to strain just to see what comparison WhoIsPablo is trying to make. But on the opposite end of the spectrum, there are some shots that are arguably too close for comfort, suggesting lazy recycling more than inspired reinvention.


If Trevorrow had a chance to make his case, we’re guessing he’d chalk this up to well-meaning homage, but this video offers the very real sense that he regularly ignored his own instincts, preferring to imitate the tried-and-true methods of his mentor. The end result is an effective summer blockbuster that just about everyone with eyeballs went to see, but how much credit can Trevorrow really take for that achievement? Watch the video below and judge for yourself.