Find Out What Happened This Week On Jupiter

As we told you earlier in the week, Tuesday night was Jupiter night. If you got a chance to watch Jupiter: Close Encounter, Dr. Dan Riskin has already walked you through the mysteries that planet can help us solve about our own origins. There simply wasn’t enough time for this hour-long special to explain everything, but it gave viewers a thrilling first hand-look at the Juno Spacecraft and the team of NASA geniuses who helped it deliver the goods—before plunging to a fiery death. This has been described as a five-year suicide mission, but Juno definitely made the most of its time in space.

You’ll have to wait until Sunday for your next chance to watch Jupiter: Close Encounter in full, but here are a few highlights from Juno’s amazing adventure.

Juno Successfully Enters Jupiter’s Orbit

JunoCam Offers a Unique Look at the Earth and the Moon

What’s Next for Juno?

Whether you missed Jupiter: Close Encounter the first time or you want to take another look, be sure to tune in on Sunday when the special is re-broadcast on Discovery Canada at 6 e 3 p. In the meantime, tide yourself over with some stimulating science here.