John Carpenter Cuts Rob Zombie And His Halloween Remake To Shreds

On the heels of 2005’s The Devil’s Rejects, director Rob Zombie enjoyed a fleeting moment of horror glory. During this time, he was widely regarded as a new master of the genre, helping him land the gig directing a Halloween remake. Fans quickly got over the apparent directorial miscasting and convinced themselves that Zombie was the perfect man for the job—until his mediocre movie arrived, instantly erasing the good will earned by The Devil’s Rejects.

While original Halloween director John Carpenter has had little to say about the reboot, Zombie was quick to criticize the legendary horror auteur. Well, it seems Carpenter is finally ready to fight back, slashing into Zombie like he was a teenaged babysitter. “He lied about me,” the horror veteran explained during a recent Q&A at the New York Film Academy. “He said I was very cold to him when he told me he was going to make it. Nothing could be further from the truth. I said, ‘Make it your own movie, man. This is yours now. Don’t worry about me.’ I was incredibly supportive. Why that piece of shit lied, I don’t know.”

For more of the always-opinionated director’s recent comments, watch the complete New York Film Academy Q&A below.

Known for his grouchy, even curmudgeonly temperament, Carpenter isn’t the most reliably friendly filmmaker on the planet, so it’s entirely possible that Zombie detected some unintended negativity. However, Carpenter’s opinion of Zombie’s movie can’t really be disputed, partly because so many of the franchise’s fans share his perspective. “I thought he took away the mystique of the story by explaining too much,” Carpenter said, regarding the film’s exploration of Michael Myers’ childhood. “I don’t care about that. He’s supposed to be a force of nature. He’s supposed to be almost supernatural.”

Below, you’ll find the sci-fi-infused new music video for “Utopian Facade” (directed by Gavin Hignight and Ben Verhulst) from Carpenter’s very cool Lost Themes II album.