John Boyega May Be Your Next Favourite Marvel Hero


Although well-established within the Star Wars universe, John Boyega’s latest talks with Marvel Studios surrounding an appearance in an upcoming film is undeniable proof that he has become the darling of Disney. Even so, this new development has left us wondering what exactly the MCU has planned for both its franchise of superhero films and for Boyega.

Marvel has yet to release any further details as to where Boyega would fit into the MCU, but these talks confirm that there is a new wave of heroes that could be coming post-Avengers: Infinity War. Since this possibility is still in development, we can almost guarantee that this new project will be removed from the main lineup of already-established heroes. Could promise a new wave of Avengers after our favourites (potentially) meet their fate?

Adding Boyega into MCU team makes sense for the studio—not only is he already a well-known fanboy of all things geek-related, but his experience in genre-related roles makes him a shoe-in for any hero they throw his way. From Pacific Rim Uprising to Attack the Block, Boyega certainly has all the cred he needs to be a hero.

Unfortunately, nothing is confirmed as of yet, so all we can do is wait and hope he gets his own reoccurring hero and not ‘just’ a supporting role. In the meantime, here’s Boyega in the latest Pacific Rim flick.