Jennifer Lawrence Is A Killer Ballerina In The Trailer For Red Sparrow

She just wanted some medicine for her mother, okay? Too bad that’s exactly the kind of thing that can get you in trouble in corrupt, modern-day Russia (or an American filmmaker’s version of it, anyway). In Red Sparrow, Jennifer Lawrence returns to the kind of action hero role that made her famous, reuniting with her Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence to play a “sparrow”—a sexy spy/assassin working for the Russian government to screw with the CIA.

The film borrows a little bit from Charlize Theron’s character in Atomic Blonde, a little bit from Marvel’s Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff, and a little from the army boot camp scenes in Full Metal Jacket (only with Charlotte Rampling in Ronald Lee Ermey’s role). Lawrence’s character moves from the public swimming pool to the local strip club to the Bolshoi ballet, stalking her prey in swimsuits, lingerie, and leotards deemed too racy for Black Swan.

But when she she begins to fall for the American agent (Joel Edgerton) she’s been targeting, she’s faced with a choice: turn double agent and work for the CIA, or keep speaking English in that tricky Russian accent.

Red Sparrow has a solid cast that also includes Matthias Schoenaerts, Mary-Louise Parker, and Jeremy Irons. It’s based on the 2013 novel by former CIA operative Jason Matthews and hits theatres on March 2, 2018. Check out the poster below.

red sparrow