Jennifer Lawrence Experiences Gravity Loss In Suspenseful New Passengers Clip

It’s being touted as the only film that has any chance of taking on Star Wars: Rogue One at the box office this holiday season and judging by today’s new clip, Passengers may have the special effects to pull off the sizeable feat.

Directed by Morten Tyldum, Passengers stars Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence as Jim and Aurora, two space travellers who wake up 30 years early on their 120-year journey to a new colony. As the only two people awake on a 5,000-person ship, the two quickly fall in love, either because of chemistry or lack of options, and must try to save themselves and their fellow travelers when the ship begins to break down.

In today’s new clip, we see Lawrence’s character Aurora pass some of the 90 years she must kill on a space craft by going for a relaxing swim. But if sci-fi movies have taught us anything, it’s that space is not an area that breeds relaxation. After only a few laps in the pool, the spaceship malfunctions, causing a loss of gravity that throws Aurora through the air in a water bubble.

The terrifying scene shows off the films incredible special effects, with the clip ending on a cliffhanger that has Lawrence’s Aurora trying desperately to escape her water bubble for a breath of air. In most cases, what goes up must come down, but of course that’s not the case when you’re taking a dip in space.

Passengers hits theatres on December 21.