Jason Momoa Braces Fans For An Aquaman They Might Not Recognize

Justice League

Jason Momoa made a brief appearance in last year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but his real introduction as Aquaman comes next month in Justice League. While many fans are expecting to see Arthur Curry’s alter ego fully formed, Momoa says we’ll meet Aquaman relatively early in his evolution.

“He’s not even really Aquaman yet,” he told ComicBookMovie.com. “He’s not the King of the Seven Seas. We don’t really get there until my solo movie, at the end. Really, it’s a huge growth for me. It’s a gigantic arc for Arthur Curry. It may be tough for a lot of fans to watch what they’re gonna see, how I portray him, but you gotta wait until we get to the solo movie to really know. Because he’s not King yet.”

According to Momoa, some fans might have a hard time recognizing the character introduced in Justice League. “Some people will be like, ‘This isn’t my Aquaman,’ but we’re not there yet,” he explained, elaborating on the version of the character hitting theatres next month. “He doesn’t believe in himself, he doesn’t know what to do with the powers he has. He’s going through tons of loss. He hates Atlanteans. The fact that people are calling him ‘Aquaman’ right now—he couldn’t give two sh*ts about anything Atlantean. So he’s really not quite there yet.”

Aquaman’s standalone movie doesn’t arrive until December 2018, but you’ll get to know the character when Justice League hits theatres on November 17. Check out the trailer below.