According To Jason Isaacs, Star Trek: Discovery Is Going To Be A Modern Prequel


Returning 2020

Jason Isaacs, a veteran English actor who probably is best known for playing Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies, definitely wants Star Trek: Discovery to look ahead, rather than back—prequel status notwithstanding. The prospect of innovative storytelling drew him to the series more than the familiarity, although he sometimes gets a kick out of the clichés, too.

“The first time I said, ‘Energize.’ The first time I said, ‘Phasers to full.’ The first time I engage with another captain. The first time I sit in my chair and say, ‘Warp speed.’ Any of those moments are iconic,” Isaacs admitted. “But really, those things pass in a split-second. There are interesting and, I think, much richer relationships between the people on the ship than you’ve ever seen before. Particularly since you’ve got 15 episodes to go on the roller-coaster journey that you go on in times of war with your shipmates.”

So, if we take into account everything Isaacs is saying, Star Trek: Discovery is going to be a modern prequel. That’s not an oxymoron.

“Listen, there are a lot of die-hard Trekkies in the writers’ room, they’re very reverent, you cut them open and they’ve got Trek DNA. I don’t have that,” Isaacs admitted. “But I think this is a story told fresh, with completely fresh 21st-century perspectives. The only way to honour (Star Trek creator) Gene Roddenberry’s legacy is to embody it, and then throw it away, and tell new stories for a new age and these very troubled times we live in and the difficult dynamics that we face. And that’s what they’ve done. There are places, obviously, where they observe canon, with things like uniforms and badges and stuff. But there also are places where all the rules of story-telling are reinvented, because it’s a new audience. It’s certainly not made only for the people who have been watching it for 50 years. That would be an insane idea.”

Speaking of ideas, insane or otherwise, here’s one last thing that may be interesting for Canadians to hear. When asked by a European journalist about plying his trade in North America, the Liverpool-born Isaacs called attention to something he saw in Toronto, which is where Star Trek: Discovery is shot.

“Toronto has these adverts on television all the time, welcoming people to Ontario,” Isaacs said. “They have this extraordinary campaign that they run to make sure everybody, from anywhere they’ve come in the world, feels at home and feels fully Canadian. And it’s a beautiful thing. So at the moment I’m basking in the glow of that fully multi-cultural and inclusive society.”

And here we thought those types of situations occurred only on spaceships in the distant future.