J.J. Abrams Answers Famous Fans’ Star Wars Questions

Star Wars fans come in all shapes and sizes. While most of the online chatter comes courtesy of the non-famous, Vanity Fair reached into its Rolodex to give some celebrities a chance to ask J.J. Abrams their questions about The Force Awakens. Typically tight-lipped—and yes, a little smug—Abrams keeps most of his answers incredibly brief, but this video is not without its highlights.


The most long-winded question comes courtesy of Jared Leto, who echoes the desire of many celebr-interviewers to be cast in an Abrams movie. “I want to know why you didn’t cast me as Chewbacca,” he says. “I’m a little offended. I think you know my reputation, and my ability to transform. Not only can I grow hair, I can grow hair all over my body. I’m a little disappointed, but I’d love to know the answer to that—and why you haven’t returned my calls.” Abrams explains that this was out of his hands, as Peter Mayhew landed the role four decades ago.

Lena Dunham has less to say, making it clear why celebrities rarely excel as journalists. In a half-baked stab at interview parody, she asks, “J.J., what does it feel like to be you?” He simply answers “awesome,” shaking his head derisively.


Vanity Fair’s biggest coup is a brief appearance by George Lucas himself, who asks about the fate of Darth Vader’s grandchildren. With no intention of offering spoilers, Abrams turns the tables on Lucas. “Oh George, this is great. You tell me, man. You made all this shit up.”

To see what the rest of the celebrities (and faux celebrity business tycoons) have to say, watch the video below.