It’s Official, The Joker Is Totally Coming To Gotham



In Season 2, Gotham will tell us the story of how the Joker came to be — and now we’re pretty sure we know exactly who’ll he’ll be, too.

Former Shameless star Cameron Monaghan shocked Gotham audiences last season as the psychologically twisted circus worker Jerome Vasalka, which showrunner Bruno Heller promised would mark the “beginning of the Joker Saga” back in February.

But at the time, no one would say one way or the other that Jerome WAS definitely the Joker… but now it seems like he certainly will.

First, Monaghan all but confirmed his transition into the iconic with this creepy, grinning Instagram photo. Then, the official “Gotham” account tweeted out the same photo with the caption, “Life’s a bowl of cherries… but this is far from the pits. We’ve put a smile on your face, haven’t we?” Shudder.

Meanwhile, on set in the Bronx, Monaghan was seen decked out in a freaky straightjacket while he other similarly dressed actors film a scene involving a schoolbus full of children and… gasoline. Yikes.

Jose Perez/ Splash News

Jose Perez/ Splash News
What do you think, Batfans? Will Jerome make a good Clown Prince of Crime?

“Gotham” returns September 21, 2015.