It Trailer Gets An Even Freakier Update, Thanks To The Cat In The Hat

Just when you thought it was safe to come out from under the covers after watching the first trailer for the It reboot, someone on the Internet had to go and terrify us all over again.

On April Fool’s Day, YouTuber But Without crafted one of the freakiest mashups, ditching the the It trailer’s Pennywise the Clown for the star of The Cat in the Hat. Both movies were unsettling enough on their own; putting them together is probably enough to make even Stephen King scared.

Interestingly, But Without made another eerie Cat in the Hat video earlier this year, reimagining Dr. Seuss’s classic tale as a horror film. Needless to say, turning Cat into Pennywise is abundantly scarier. Check out the clip above and try not to float, too.