The It Remake’s Vicious Bullies Are Armed And Dangerous

The haunting It trailer that dropped two weeks ago is still nightmare-inducing, and that freaky Cat in the Hat mash-up extended the nightmares further. But there was one important aspect missing from the creepy trailer.

In Stephen King’s horrifying novel, the kids who make up the The Losers’ Club (deemed “The Lucky Seven” in the 1990 mini-series) are tormented by both supernatural and worldly beasts. The new trailer gives a taste of Bill Skarsgård’s Pennywise the Clown (the supernatural), but barely any of Henry Bowers (Nicholas Hamilton) and his gang of teenage thugs (the worldly).

Thankfully, Hamilton shared a set pic on Instagram Monday (April 10) with all but one of his partners-in-crime. “The sweetest bad guys in town,” he captioned. That mullet is almost as frightening as Pennywise, TBH.

Standing next to their fearless leader are Victor “Vic” Criss (Logan Thompson) and Reginald “Belch” Huggins (Jake Sim), who both meet It in the sewers and, ahem, float too. However, this is only three-quarters of the Bowers Gang; we’re missing Patrick Hockstetter (Owen Teague).

In the teaser, a missing persons sign for Patrick is promptly displayed on a telephone pole. Interestingly, Patrick’s storyline was completely omitted from the 1990 adaptation, so fans will finally get to see his character played out onscreen. And if director Andrés Muschietti’s film follows the book’s more disturbing parts, I’ll be hiding under the covers until Christmas.