These New It Images Are Not Clowning Around

Warner Bros.

As we inch closer to the big screen release of Andy Muschietti’s upcoming adaptation of It—which just so happens to be less than two months away—so does the film’s marketing campaign, and that means getting more glimpses of the film than we’d prefer to see before actually seeing the damn movie!

Still, promotional material for It has remained somewhat classy and understated up until now, as evinced by these new images courtesy of the good folks at EW, plus a couple more juicy plot details concerning one of Pennywise’s first pint-sized victims.

“Those who’ve read the 1986 novel remember the disturbing prologue, teased on the book’s cover, in which Bill’s little brother Georgie is chasing a paper boat down a storm-swollen street when he is murdered in his yellow rain slicker by the creature calling itself Pennywise the Clown. In the book, poor Georgie is found with his arm missing,” the site notes. “In the new film, he’s not found at all. That means his brother is leading his fellow “Losers” not just on a mission of revenge against the shapeshifting evil that lives beneath their town. He’s on a quest to find his little brother – alive or dead – which means venturing into the subterranean lair of the nameless creature they call It.”

Below are two fresh stills and four pieces of concept art that show off Pennywise’s grimy underground hideout and those poor kids that have to go down there to face him. Anyone else getting a serious Goonies vibe?

You didn’t think we’d forget to include this latest image of the killer clown of the hour, did you? Not 24 hours ago, Unofficial It Instagram account itmovieunofficial (that’s how we knew it was unofficial) shared this scan from the latest issue of French magazine Mad Movies: