It Chapter Two Director Plans To ‘Crank Up The Horror’


As we reported earlier this week, It fans may have a four-hour cut of It Chapter Two in their future, but for now they’ll have to settle for blink-and-you’ll-miss-It clips surrounded by bite-sized commentary from the cast and crew. That’s exactly what you get in Coming Home, a new featurette introducing 2019’s most anticipated horror sequel.

For those who aren’t aware of the novel’s timeline, director Andy Muschietti sets the stage. “The second chapter starts 27 years later,” he explains. “The losers are summoned and they drop everything they’re doing and they go back to Derry… tonally, the movie will feel just like the first one, but we’ll crank up the horror aspects of it.”

We also get brief commentary from most of the key cast members, including Bill Hader (“Andy is just going for broke as far as scope and scares”), Bill Skarsgård (“Pennywise has a craving for the Losers”), Jessica Chastain (“they have no choice but to finish what was started 27 years earlier”), and James McAvoy (“there’s something otherworldly and magical about re-discovering the child in us”).

In addition, Stephen King makes a rare appearance in support of a film adapted from one of his novels, a decision that clearly stems from his enthusiasm for the first instalment. “With It, Andy put the people first and, as a result, you have an old-fashioned movie experience where you root for the good guys,” he says. “When the first movie played and it says ‘the end of chapter one,’ audiences applauded. They wanted more—so now they’re going to get more.”

It Chapter Two arrives in theatres on September 6. Check out the new featurette above and the trailer below.