Who Could Play The It Cast Another 27 Years In The Future?


When It became a massive hit two years ago, it opened the door to a uniquely appealing casting challenge: the filmmakers had to determine who was best suited to play the film’s central characters (the Losers Club) 27 years later. Now that It Chapter Two has exhausted the material from Stephen King’s sprawling novel, there’s no immediate need to do any more casting for this franchise, but Collider gave the stars of the second instalment a chance to cast 27-years-older versions of their characters.

The resulting selections made it clear that some actors are more adept age guessers than others. Bill Hader suggested Jack Nicholson for his role, in spite of their 41-year age difference, while Jay Ryan suggested Josh Brolin, who was born a mere 13 years earlier. Isaiah Mustafa was far closer to the bull’s eye, selecting Danny Glover, who is 28 years his senior.

In selecting Sissy Spacek, Jessica Chastain achieved the same level of accuracy, but she first seized the opportunity to encourage all involved to let the franchise end gracefully. “I really hope there isn’t an It Chapter Three,” she said, fighting the inevitable. “I know sometimes we don’t want to see a good thing end, but the novel really was clear about the ending. Unless Stephen King creates some more story, I really hope we stay where we are.”

It Chapter Two arrives in theatres on September 6. Check out the trailer below.