Is Director Jon Favreau Reuniting With Iron Man?

According to critics (read our review here), Captain America: Civil War continues Marvel’s Pixar-worthy streak of respectable blockbusters. While skeptics have been waiting for the studio’s bubble to burst, the decline of superhero movies is unlikely to happen any time soon. In light of Marvel’s continued success, new developments are starting to emerge on the Iron Man front. Robert Downey Jr. recently reversed his position on Iron Man 4, claiming he’s newly open to the possibility. In another recent development, the man who gave him the role in the first place claims he could be directing another Marvel movie in the not-too-distant future.


According to director Jon Favreau (Iron Man, Iron Man 2), “a great story” is all he needs to direct another Marvel movie—but he’s not limiting himself to Iron Man 4. “I wouldn’t be surprised if something pops up soon, but there’s no one property that we’re identifying that I’d want to helm up and shoulder,” he told IGN, in reference to his ongoing talks with Marvel. “Now that the universe has gotten so big over there, I don’t know that I understand how it all fits together anymore. I was there in the early days when the universe was very small. Now the universe is very big there and they seem to have it well in hand.”

As for the direction Marvel has taken the MCU since Favreau’s departure, the director is extremely complimentary. “I think they’re hiring the right kinds of filmmakers,” he said. “I couldn’t be more impressed with this one [Civil War], and Guardians of the Galaxy I thought was an unexpected, delightful film.”

While you wait to find out what’s next for Favreau, you can catch his latest film, The Jungle Book, in theatres now. For a preview of those eye-popping fake jungles, watch the trailer below.