The Power Rangers International Trailer Is Here And It’s Epic

The international trailer for Power Rangers has been released and it’s just as epic as the first two.

Most of the footage is from the second domestic trailer, but there are a few different shots such as a longer nighttime scene with villain Rita Repulsa, played by Elizabeth Banks. The international trailer also places more emphasis on the overall plot of the film amid its angsty mood and mighty morphin’ action, focusing more on Zordon (Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston) convincing the teenagers they are a team of superheroes in the making. Check it out below.

Power Rangers is the big-screen reboot of Saban Entertainment’s classic ’90s series, which follows troubled teenagers Zack, Trini, Jason, Kimberly and Billy who find themselves in the middle of a mystery after they break free from detention. Of course, what they uncover are supernatural crystals called Power Coins, which come with a unique set of abilities that they must use to save the world from an alien threat.

Along with the trailer, Lionsgate also released a new set of character posters for each of the five heroes and a new group shot featuring an unmasked Red Ranger. See the full gallery of posters here.

Power Rangers will morph into theatres March 24.