Inside Out Screening Goes Terribly (And Kinda Hilariously) Wrong

inside out

inside out

Fear shares equal screen time with four other emotions in Pixar’s Inside Out. However, a simple projection error can make Fear the star of the show. An audience of now-troubled Ohio kids learned this the hard way when a projectionist at Middleton’s Danbarry Cinema mixed up Inside Out and the similarly titled Insidious 3.

The Journal-News broke the story when angry mom Jazmyn Moore took to the newspaper’s Facebook page and shared her ordeal. According to her complaint, she had a sneaking suspicion this was no Pixar movie when she saw live action images of kids being tied up and murdered. While her kids were probably curious to see where it went from there, she dragged them out of the theatre and raised hell.

“I got our money back but the damage is already done,” said Moore—and no, she wasn’t venting about tired, watered-down PG-13 horror sequels. “My children are terrified and keep asking questions.” She didn’t share the questions, but according to another moviegoer, they might have been wondering what all the fuss was about.

Clarifying the incident somewhat, moviegoer Mandy Adkins took to Facebook and described Moore’s account as “a gross exaggeration.” She explained that the outrage was really about the trailer for Sinister 2 (Insidious 3 never actually started), and most of the fear was caused by parental outrage. “I have to say that the children were all calm and fine until a couple of parents started screaming at the tops of their lungs, scaring everyone far more than the unfortunate mix-up did,” Adkins wrote. “The staff was entirely apologetic, gave free movie passes to all 50+ people, upgraded everyone to 3D for free, and restarted another showing of Inside Out for everyone without question.”