Incredibles 2 Is Making Avengers Money At The Box Office


The Parr family just pulled off an incredible feat at the box office. According to VarietyIncredibles 2 is on track to score an historic opening weekend with an estimated $182 million.

It’s the highest opening weekend for an animated flick ever, besting Finding Dory‘s 2016 haul of $135 million. Considering that fans have been waiting 14 years for this, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if the film’s weekend box office continues to climb.

That super-heroic performance also puts the Incredibles sequel on par with the Herculean numbers of real-life superheroes like Captain America (Civil War) and Batman (The Dark Knight Rises).

Incredibles 2 picks up right where the first film (released in 2004) ended, with Bob Parr (Craig T. Nelson) hanging up his cape to take care of the kids while his wife Helen (Holly Hunter)—known by her super alter ego Elastigirl—takes up the superhero mantle for a new initiative funded by telecommunications entrepreneur Winston Deavor. Their mission? To change the public perception of Supers and bring them back into the spotlight. Of course there’s a nefarious villain set on dragging their reputation through the mud.

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