Relive The 67th Annual Hunger Games With These Victor Posters

Who can forget the 67th Annual Hunger Games? Certainly not Capitol Couture, the official magazine of Panem’s most fashionable set. All week long, the final issue has been celebrating the past victors of the Games, from Porter Millicent Tripp, to the one and only Mags Falanagan.

And now it’s time to bring things closer to the present* with two posters celebrating the winner of the 67th Games, Augustus Braun. Hailing from District One, the strapping young lad is everything the “career” competitors stand for–and during this time of unrest, the Capitol of course wants to remind us of past Victors of The Hunger Games, and salute their heroism.

…Except you don’t need to wait until later today to check out these victory posters. The rebels at MTV News have snuck right under the nose of President Snow himself to deliver a special look at the two posters, hours before they hit stands. No need to volunteer, either: the posters are right here, right now.

hunger games poster

hunger games poster 2

As things start to crumble in the world outside the Capitol, it’s nice to know that some things, like the image of a Hunger Games victor, will remain eternal. That is, until Katniss Everdeen makes her way to the final battle in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2, hitting theatres on November 20.