This DIY Hulkbuster Suit Amazes All Who Gaze Upon It


The world of cosplay will never be the same. A little-known genius who obviously took shop class very, very seriously has constructed his own life-size Iron Man Hulkbuster suit—and the degree of expertise and craftsmanship involved would put even Stark Industries’ top technicians to shame. Behold:

Let me tell you, this isn't a rendering. My dude Tom is a beast and has crafted one of the sickest costumes I've ever…

Posted by Ian Travis Barnard photography on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Full-time cosplayer Thomas DePetrillo of Extreme Costumes began work on the six-and-a-half-foot-wide, nine-foot tall suit in 2014 and, after 16,000 hours of labour, the wearable, laser-equipped Hulkbuster was all his.

Check out the suit in action:


If you want to see the man inside the machine (and a morphsuit), you can watch a video of DePetrillo’s building process here. He says the Hulkbuster is the largest project he’s ever undertaken. Cosplayers: the stakes have officially been raised.